The Impact of Content Marketing on Professional Services

The internet has integrated itself into our professional and personal lives so thoroughly that it has shifted the way that  businesses connect with and choose service firms. As the years speed past and technological development speeds up exponentially, everybody from other businesses to your neighbor is turning to the internet when they are in need of a new lawyer, accountant, consultant, or chiropractor. However, the internet isn’t just a digital shopping mall for professional services, but also functions as an extremely important educational resource. In the professional services marketplace, which includes legal firms, medical providers, and aestheticians, educational content has become a type of currency to trade for business. You can expand your business and turn the content you create into money in the bank with the right content marketing strategies.  

How Services Are Traditionally Bought and Sold 

Traditional marketing 101 involves a firm heading out into the world and then building trust and awareness through non-internet means; public speaking, networking at conferences, and word of mouth from satisfied customers. Once an interested party has had enough exposure to the firm, they may call the firm when they need their services in order to learn more. This type of marketing often takes weeks or months of laying a pipeline before a relationship comes into fruition and the potential client or customer makes a decision to use your services. If a business is in need of a particular service, an RFP may be sent out to an entire group of service providers for the service they need, and then they sieve through the responses in another lengthy process. While these methods are still used, for legal service providers that work directly with clients like personal injury attorneys, medical providers, and aestheticians, it can often take much longer and much more work to connect with potential clients at conferences and through word of mouth referral.

How Content Marketing Helps Your Professional Services Reach More People Faster

Fortunately, today, a firm is able to communicate its expertise in a more engaging and direct manner. It can also reach a significantly larger audience in the process. Potential clients are able to become much more directly and intimately acquainted with a professional service provider’s services, reputation, and message in order to help them make their decision before they even call to inquire about it. The magic sauce that elevates your business? Content marketing- a digital strategy that utilizes the routine publication of valuable, free, educational content in order to build your brand, attract new leads, and grow existing ones. A good content marketing strategy will help a firm:

  • Engage its audience
  • Prove a thorough understanding of relevant problems its potential clients care about
  • Builds trust with the audience

Remember- in order for content marketing to resonate with target audiences and do what it’s supposed to, the pieces you put out have to be seen. So don’t forget SEO.

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