Using Google My Business To Succeed In 2021

In the technology-driven era of 2021, many small businesses have caught on to the fact that a Google business listing (officially referred to as a Business Profile) is necessary to gain more visibility on Google and connect with more potential clients and customers. If you’re a business owner new to Google listings and SEO, you may not know that making a Business Profile does not automatically give you management over it. If you want your Business Profile to help your business expand and work as an effective lead generation and SEO tool. So how do you use your Google Business Profile to grow your business in 2021? To gain management over your Google Business Profile and make it work for you, you need to not only make a free Business Profile on Google, but also create a separate (and also free) Google My Business account for that profile. Affordable Digital Marketing is a top digital marketing agency in the Florida area. If you’re looking for somebody to handle all of your digital marketing needs so that you can focus on growing your business, call Affordable Digital Marketing today!

Using Google My Business To Market Your Business

Now you know that Google My Business is a separate tool than your Business Profile, but rather another way you can boost your Business Profile to enhance its effectiveness and visibility. Next, we’ll discuss the key ways you can use Google My Business to help your Google listing succeed and connect with more potential customers.

Highlight Your Business

Just having a Business Profile does not share a lot of information about your business. Through your Google My Business account dashboard, however, you can list a link to your website, the hours of your business, attributes, products and other details that make your business stand out from your competitors.You can also use Google My Business to continually make any necessary edits and updates.

Engage With Consumers

Consumers can interact with your Business Profile in a wide array of ways, and in turn you can use your Google My Business account to engage back with your current and potential consumers. Through your Google My Business account, you can answer questions, respond to reviews, set up associated alerts, and enable direct messaging to connect with your customers. Google My Business also works like a platform where you can publish posts on your Business Profile, just like you would with other social media platforms like Facebook.

Perform Local SEO

Similar to how Google has algorithms for ranking its websites and ads, it also has one for ranking Business Profiles. You can incorporate keywords into your Business Profile through your Google My Business dashboard, and perform other optimizations to help it rank in local results. In 2021, SEO plays a vital role in connecting with new customers and growing your brand and business.

Gain Insights

The Google My Business dashboard is a great resource you can utilize to glean critical insights on your local search performance and audience. You can view the search terms customers are using to find your Business Profile inthe analytics tab of the platform, if they found you on Google Search or Google Maps, how your photos perform compared to your competitors’ profiles, and a breakdown of actions taken on your listing. There are also other useful metrics to consider, like the ability to track clicks from a Business Profile through Google Analytics and UTM parameters.

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As we head into the new year, it’s more important than ever for businesses to take advantage of all of the tools they can. Google My Business can help your business connect with customers and expand your reach in a variety of ways. Affordable Digital Marketing is a top digital marketing firm in the Florida area. Call Affordable Digital Marketing for your digital marketing needs today!

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