Are Your Posts Getting Enough Link Clicks?

Link building campaigns shouldn’t be finite, but rather ongoing projects that keep earning you links as time goes on. This article discusses strategies for sustainable link building that keep your content efforts profitable even far beyond your initial campaigns for them. Read on to learn more from Affordable Digital Marketing about how to make your posts the gift that keeps on giving. 

Tips For Getting More Link Clicks On Your Posts

Below we discuss some ways you can make the most of your content and optimize link clicks. 

Do Research Before You Reach Out

The number one thing you should do before you reach out is to use data. Link building campaigns may be limited in scope due to a lack of research prior to starting the campaign. When reaching out, you should look for a relevant website with established domain authority, contact them with a personalized email asking for a link, and if you get a response, work out a deal. Prior to reaching out, however, make sure you understand what they do and how they can contribute to your link building efforts.

Get Specific

One common mistake is to focus on the domain as a whole. This approach fails because it only emphasizes overall domain authority, which although functions as a widely accepted metric, is too vague to give your organization the returns you expect from a link-building campaign. The solution to this problem is to find the individual pages that comprise a domain you want to link to, and see what their backlink profiles look like. If they boast strong page authority and you have a piece of content (or are able to create one) you think would be relevant for them to link back to, it’s a more effective way of pinpointing linking opportunities. For example, if you’re selling basketball tickets to a game, it would make sense to get a link to that page from somebody writing a specific piece of content about the teams playing or that specific game?

Form Partnerships

Forming alliances with sites and writers who produce content related to your business can be a great way to build your network. While some people start throwing around negative terms like “link networks,” and “guest blogging,” this approach can be positive and sustainable if you do it the right way. The negative impression of guest blogging comes from a network of sites that were trading guest blogs unnaturally, not because Google thought too many relevant content creators were writing for each other’s sites. If you feel there’s a mutual benefit to contributing to other websites in your industry, then go ahead- just make sure to keep expanding your network.

Don’t Buy Links

This may seem obvious, but buying links is an outdated, inefficient way to boost your link-building strategy. Exhaust all your other organic choices before even thinking about this option.

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