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If your business offers professional services, such as medicine, law, or consulting, you should tailor your marketing strategy to your field. Since you’re not pushing a “product,” but branding your services and expertise to work for clients, establishing your expertise should be the number one priority. By establishing your expertise- and making your brand synonymous with your specific professional service- you build trust with your potential client base, which then converts potential onlookers to signed clients, putting money in your pocket and growing your business. Read on to learn more about the types of content you should be marketing to your client base.

Professional Services Should Have Blogs

The best approach to content marketing for a professional service is to offer a useful bank of free material with no barriers to entry; no registration, no subscriptions, and no cost. Short-format pieces like blog posts and articles are most commonly used. For most firms, blogging is the most effective and simplest way to begin their content marketing strategy. Since blog posts are more time-efficient and can be less polished than a magazine article, they can be written and published fairly speedily to attract potential clients who are looking for information relevant to the services you offer to your site. Moreover, if you enable comments, they also allow you to interact with your audience and build community engagement (which leads to trust.

Other Types Of Content Marketing

Some other types of content marketing professional services that can employ include:

  • Webinars: Webinars are a great way to establish your firm’s expertise, cultivate interested leads, and educate your audience. Record your webinars for your library of content so visitors can view them anytime.
  • Articles and white papers: These medium-length pieces help establish thought leadership but can be dry, so make an effort to make them readable.
  • E-newsletters: Email remains one of the top marketing strategies, and is a great way to cultivate your customer contact list.
  • Social media: Social media like LinkedIn and Twitter nurture community engagement and can be great channels to directly connect with your audience, promote your educational material, and let people know what your business is up to.
  • Ebooks: An in-depth study of a topic can give a fantastic credibility boost; you can put this behind a short registration form to harvest contact information for future email marketing campaigns and to collect leads.
  • Kits and guides: These are medium-length pieces that can be a great incentive for audiences to sign up for your email marketing campaigns, so you can use them to collect leads by putting them behind a registration form.

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There are many different ways professional services can package information and market their services, but these are some of the most commonly used and most effective. Remember: the end goal for a firm that offers professional services is to boost your credibility and reputation and brand yourself as the go-to person in your realm of professional services. Affordable Digital Marketing is a top digital marketing firm offering social media marketing services for legal, medical, and other professional fields. If you’re looking for social media marketing services, call ADM today!

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