Email Marketing: Why It’s So Important

Email Marketing

As other digital marketing strategies have rapidly expanded, one common question that we often receive is: Is email marketing still relevant? Our answer: not only is email marketing still relevant, but it’s still one of the most important tools in digital marketing. Building a potent email marketing strategy helps you connect and reach with your target audience in a personalized way and raises your sales numbers without needing a major financial investment. With so many other platforms and types of media out there, email marketing tools can help your business connect with potential consumers easier than ever.

Top Reasons Email Marketing Is Still Important

  1. You can reach your customers in real-time: Litmus reports that 54%of all emails were opened on a mobile device! This significant statistic should come into play when planning any marketing strategy. A rapidly growing sector of consumers are using their mobile devices to not only access emails, but all other kinds of information and media. On top of that, well-written, targeted emails offer better conversion rates on mobile than any other medium.
  2. Stay in contact with your audience: Emails can help keep your customers in the loop, as consumers can check their email whenever it’s convenient. Emails can feel more intimate than impersonal social media posts, and are a more direct way to reach out. Send a simple message like, “You’ve been gone for a while, here’s what’s happened,” or “You’re on our mind, here’s a special offer”!
  3. People engage with emails: For the last four decades, email has existed as a form of communication. In fact, email is firmly established as one of our main sources of communication. Everybody is familiar with replying to an email in some way, shape, or form, whether it’s to forward, to reply, or click through to something else embedded inside of the email, etc. Pretty much everybody uses their email, which is why email is such a powerful way to drive people to your website. More than a quarter of sales last year were the result of email marketing!
  4. Email marketing is easy to measure: The majority of email marketing tools let you track what happens after you’ve sent out your email campaign. Track bounce rates, delivery rates, click through rates, unsubscribe rates, and open rates to get a better idea of how your email campaigns work. These metrics help you figure out which email campaigns are working, which ones you should adjust, and which ones to toss out altogether. These metrics play a vital role in your internet marketing company overall. Make sure to keep tabs on them regularly and adjust your tactics accordingly.
  5. It’s not expensive: Email marketing reaches a huge amount of consumers for less than pennies per message! The cost per conversion is extremely low with email marketing, which is why we recommend all of our clients to try it.

Email marketing should play an essential role in your digital marketing campaign. Affordable Digital Marketing is a top digital marketing agency based in Hollywood, FL. Call Affordable Digital Marketing for your digital marketing needs today!

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