How Google My Business Can Benefit Your Business

Billions of people use Google every single day to aid them in their search for a wide variety of services; home repair tips, a local coffee shop, celebrity news, and more. Google My Business has become indispensable for local businesses and service providers to compete in an ever-changing, ever-growing market where clients and customers often rely on Google to direct them on where to spend their money. If you’re not on Google My Business already, here’s why you need to fix that ASAP, and the ways Google My Business can help your business. 

How Google My Business Works

If you aren’t already familiar with this aspect of the Google search universe, Google My Business (GMS) helps promote local businesses by connecting people searching for a product or service with its provider. For example, if you’re hungry and looking for a place to have lunch, you might type in “pizza” into Google Maps or Google, and the nearest pizza parlors will pop up. Since so many people- 5.6 million per day- are using Google, it allows businesses to reach a huge audience. The more your business shows up in relevant search results, the higher your chances of drawing people’s attention, and thus their pockets. It’s an extremely efficient and ridiculously low-cost way to improve your reach and connect with new customers and clients. 

Benefits Of Google My Business

It’s faster and easier than ever to promote your service or product, thanks to technology like Google My Business. 50% of people who utilize local searches on their smartphone end up going to a store. With that in mind, how much more business could you be getting if you implemented organic search optimization and Google my Business? Here are some other benefits of Google My Business for your business:

  • Showing up in Maps and Google Local Pack Listings: Google Local Pack is the first visible patch of map and list of businesses that pop up when you look for things on Google. If you show up first, it’s more likely the person will go to your business. 
  • Allows users to access the information they need right away: When you pop up on the Google Local Pack, all the relevant information that a potential customer may want access to will also show up, from the business contact number, website, to location.
  • People can leave and read reviews of your business: The power of customer reviews should never be underestimated, particularly with search rankings. Online reviews make up around 10% of how results are ranked by search engines. If you want your business to pop up in search results, you should use GMB to make it easy for your customers to post and access reviews. Plus, reviews often play a significant role in whether or not a customer decides to visit your business, allows you to directly address issues in real time, and helps you gauge what you can improve to draw more customers. 

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Google My Business is an essential tool for businesses to grow their customer base, build their business reputation, and compete among other local product and service providers. Plus, it’s free! If you’re not already on Google My Business already, there are a whole host of reasons to fix that. Call Affordable Digital Marketing today for your digital marketing needs!

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