Increase your ROI On Instagram

Increase your ROI On Instagram

Instagram has rapidly bloomed into a social giant that sees more activity and engagement than Twitter or Facebook. However, with so many brands, businesses, and people vying for attention on the social platform, it is a challenge for any professional brand or business to stand out from the crowd. With over 2 million monthly advertisers, brands require a more creative approach to be successful with their Instagram marketing. Read on to learn more about some key tips on how to increase your Instagram ROI (return on investment).

How To Optimize your Instagram ROI

Choose The Best Hashtags

Instagram visibility is often contingent on using the right hashtags. With some carefully chosen hashtags, you could multiply impressions. Instagram’s Insights panel even shows some hashtags that contribute to discovery. Here are some tips on choosing the right hashtags to increase your brand’s impact on Instagram:

  • Try related hashtags: You can find a list of related hashtags on hashtag pages, which can be useful niche topics and verticals that tie into your brand. The more relevant hashtags you employ, the less competition you have on each one.
  • Instagram search bar: Think about what your target customer or client would typically want to search for on Instagram. After you type in a keyword, Instagram will pull up a list of related posts and hashtags, which you can base your own hashtags off of.
  • Analyze your competitors and influencers: One of the best ways to get a good understanding of your brand niche is to see what others in your space are doing. Look at what your competitors are doing, if it’s working or not, and see how that could be integrated into your own strategy.

Everybody Loves A Good Contest

Contests are an amazing community-building and advertising tool for marketers. Contestants also love them since they’re a cheap or free way to win a prize, and they also learn more about the goods or services that you offer. Instagram is a great way to run a contest for your brand since it requires social engagement and sharing (and conversely also promotes it marketing-wise). Instagram contests help brands build attention and hype, and it can help your business double your existing audience without needing to pay out-of-pocket for ads since Instagram contests have users tag each other and comment to enter. Moreover, contests are a great option for brands to support causes that are important to them, like mental health, disease awareness, or animal welfare.

Take Advantage Of User-Generated Content

Branded content is amazing, but audience-generated content is king. Not only is it cost-effective, but has a higher impact on your target consumer base. Creative input straight from your end-sure helps build community efficiently and also helps you understand your audience. Promote the content your users create, share their stories, and repost their struggles. By spotlighting the work your audience does and what matters to them, they’ll reward you with loyalty and trust. UGC is extremely cost-effective and has a high community-building value.

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