Is Your Restaurant Visible Online?

Is Your Restaurant Visible Online?

Digital marketing is key to ensuring your restaurant’s online presence and converting clicks into customers. Competition is extremely high in the food service industry, and restaurant owners need to have the knowledge and tools to make their business stand out and attract target consumers. Having an online presence is an essential component to business success in our modern era, and 75% of smartphone users access restaurant information on the go. Often, the decision of where someone decides to eat is influenced by price, location, and the reviews they see. Read on to learn more about how digital marketing can improve your restaurant’s online visibility and help grow your business.

How Digital Marketing Helps Your Restaurant

  • Establish identity: Digital marketing helps you share your story with potential customers, but first your restaurant needs to form a brand identity. Your brand communicates the story of your restaurant, helps you stand out from competitors, and distinguishes the kind of food and experience you offer- all before customers even walk through the door.
  • Develop customer loyalty: Social media is amazing for engaging with customers on a more personal level and showcase your personality. This helps to earn the loyalty and trust of your customers. Make your customers feel valued and more likely to visit your restaurant in the future by responding professionally and efficiently to customers that engage with you.
  • Keep information current: Out-of-date information is extremely frustrating, so use digital marketing to constantly update your customers on what’s happening: Use your social media channels, website, and business listings to share your opening hours, location, menu, and contact details.
  • Promote fresh content: People eat with their eyes first, so capitalize on visuals. Share delectable, enticing visuals and relevant, new content on your social media platforms to drum up interest and build your restaurant’s brand. Fresh social media content encourages new potential customers to visit and help keep your existing ones coming back for more.
  • Provide incentives: If your restaurant often features menu specials or new promotions, spread the word with digital marketing. Your social media channels and website are great ways to promote anything happening at the restaurant, which builds your audience and helps with repeat customers.
  • Deal with online feedback: Online reviews are key! Online reviews can truly make or break a business, since they are the first point of call for the majority of customers to help them decide on visiting your restaurant or not. More than 87% of consumers in 2017 said they read online reviews for local business, and 54% of respondents in the study reported paying particular attention to the average star rating when looking at online reviews. By claiming your business listing on Google and Yelp and building a Facebook Page for your restaurant, you can keep a close eye on reviews and effectively respond to customer queries and complaints.

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