Reasons Why Your Medical Office Needs To Be On Facebook

Reasons Why Your Medical Office Needs To Be On Facebook

It doesn’t just seem like everybody is on Facebook- a significant portion of the world is. With over 500 million users globally and half of those people logging on to Facebook any given day, Facebook is clearly an extremely powerful tool that professionals and brands can utilize. Creating a Facebook page for their practice and leveraging this huge user base is a great way for physicians to stay connected to their patients and attract potential customers. If your practice doesn’t already have a Facebook page, here are some big reasons your practice should make a Facebook page.

Why Your Practice Should Make A Facebook Page

  1. Keep patients in the loop: Your Facebook page is a great way to let your patients know any time there is news regarding your practice. 
  2. Share verified information from medical professionals: The Internet is chock-full of misinformation, particularly medical misinformation. When you read a reputable article from a solid source you think would be of value to your patients, such as when a groundbreaking study from a prestigious institute is released, share it on your page to keep your patients informed with doctor-approved information.
  3. Directly interact with your patients: You can stay in your patients’ mind by posting tips, articles, and announcements. This keeps you connected with your current patients and allows you to build relationships with potential or new patients. Patients may only see you for a brief period of time once or twice a year, so having an ongoing online conversation helps to build a relationship that lasts, along with trust between provider and patient. 
  4. Use it to network with other physicians: Connect with other physicians and discuss best practices, learn new things, or recruit new hires in your online community by joining in Facebook discussions. 
  5. Build an online presence: When potential patients in your community search for a doctor in your area and specialty, you’ll want to be in the first couple options that show up. Facebook can help you get seen when people search for your services, so why not take advantage?
  6. Generate referral business: When somebody looks for a mechanic, hairdresser, or any other kind of service provider, they typically ask their friends for recommendations. Doctors are no different. If prospects see your posts on a friend’s Facebook page, it can spark a conversation and possibly result in a referral to your practice!
  7. Facebook is easy and free!: It doesn’t cost you any money to set up a Facebook stage, and it only takes mere minutes. Give the management to a trusted staff member, or us here at Affordable Digital Management, and you won’t have to worry about it. Keep in mind, you should always post a disclaimer about what is appropriate for Facebook and have it at the top of your page to prevent patients from posting any private information. If a patient does post private information, you need t take it of as soon as possible and send that patient a private message to directly contact the office.

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