Reasons You Need To Be Utilizing SEO

No matter what kind of business you run, it’s essential for potential customers to be able to find you. Even if you spend countless hours dumping money into producing great content and creating amazing products and services, if nobody connects with them, it doesn’t mean anything. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. Read on to learn more about how SEO helps your company connect with consumers in your target demographic more efficiently than ever. 

Why You Should Use SEO Now

  • SEO Drives New Customers To Your Business: SEO connects potential consumers of your products and services to your website, and organic search traffic has the highest conversion rate of any kind of online digital marketing. While online ads lead to more clicks, you also run the risk of casting too wide a net that doesn’t prompt desirable actions. Since people find your site on their own through SEO, they’re more likely to interact favorably with it, meaning more money in your pocket!
  • Your Competition Is Doing It: If your company doesn’t take advantage of SEO, you’ll fall behind your competition before you even realize it. Since SEO takes time to build, the longer you wait, the further you’ll fall behind. Keep in mind that SEO takes continuous growth and adjustment as you regularly check your analytics and see how your numbers perform. Being listed under multiple other competitors can significantly impact your company’s growth, and for younger local companies the initial traffic can be make-or-break. 
  • Measurable and trackable organizational growth: Regularly checking your site analytics allows business owners to quantifiably track the growth of their company. Since web traffic naturally ebbs and flows, it can be hard to get a solid idea of how you’ve been performing until some time has passed. Statistics on inbound traffic, how much time visitors spend on your site, and the amount of pages they click through are all great ways to measure conversion numbers and predict revenue. 
  • SEO Taps Into The Power Of The Local Market: This is especially important if you’re a service-based business, such as doctors, lawyers, or businesses who sell products from a storefront. Most of the market for a business with a location relying on foot traffic consists of local consumers rather than online sales, but tapping into SEO compounds foot traffic by listing you higher on Google searches for local businesses. To beat out local competitors, raise your conversions, and make more of an impact in your local market, a local SEO strategy is key.
  • SEO Raises Brand Authority And Recognition: Implementing a consistent branding strategy across all your print and digital marketing platforms can raise your revenue by nearly 25% through an almost 93% lead increase! By focusing on SEO and building your online reputation, you’re setting yourself up for inbound sales success. The proper SEO strategy can help your customers see and connect your logo, products/services, etc. with your brand. Not only does SEO build higher brand recognition, but also builds trust between your consumers and your brand by positing your business as an industry authority. 

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