The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing For Your Business

Social Media Marketing

There are many benefits of using social media for business. With more than 4.2 billion active social media users around the globe, if you don’t already have a social media marketing strategy, you need to get one now. This article discusses some ways social media marketing can help expand your business, engage with customers, and connect with your target audience.

Social Media Builds Brands

  • Raises brand awareness- With more than half of the world’s population logged on to social media, platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook are a natural place to reach potential customers in a highly targeted manner. People don’t just connect with brands they’re familiar with on social media- 83 percent of Instagram users report discovering new products on the platform, making it a vital way to expand your reach. 
  • Makes your brand more human- Being able to form human connections is one of the vital advantages of using social media to grow your business. Connect the people and ideas who make up your company with your followers and highlight how current customers use and benefit from your products. Authenticity institutes trust, which in turn builds marketing receptiveness and pushes new business. On social media you can show your potential and current customers your brand values, how your product functions in real life, and control your narrative.
  • Establish trust in your brand- People are looking to brands for information and insights, and social media is the best place to share that. No matter the industry, social media provides the chance to build your brand as a go-to source of information on topics in your niche. 

Growing Your Business With Social Media

  • Boost web traffic- Social media ads and posts are vital avenues for traffic to your website. Cross-promoting informative, relevant content from your website or blog to your social channels is a fantastic way to grab readers as soon as you hit publish on a new post. 
  • Lead generation- Social media provides a low-commitment and easy way for potential customers to show interest in your products and business. Lead generation is an essential advantage social media offers businesses, as many social networks provide advertising formats engineered specifically to generate leads.
  • Drive sales- Your social accounts form a vital portion of your sales funnel (the process through which a new contact is converted into a customer). As the amount of people using social media continues to expand and social sales tools emerge, it’s time to integrate your social marketing efforts with your sales goals. 
  • Collaborate with influencers- Reviews and word of mouth recommendations play a significant role in consumer decisions. When people start talking about your company or product on social media, you build brand credibility and awareness, and increase your sales. One vital way to drive social word of mouth is to work with influencers who fit with your brand to draw the attention of their following to your brand. 

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