Tips For Building The Best Email Database

“Email list building” refers to collecting email addresses from website visitors and users. Email list building is used by brands and businesses to expand the subscriber database and empower future business communications with potential or current clients. Email list building is a key strategy for marketers, as 59% of consumers report that marketing emails have an influence on their purchasing decisions. However, email list building requires a certain set of skills; lead capture forms don’t become successful overnight. Read on to learn more about tips to optimize your organization’s email list building.

How To Build An Email List Through Your Website

Here are some tips for capturing an audience for your email list:

  • Deploy Pop-Ups and Overlays: On average, pop-ups offer a 3.9% conversion rate, with the top 10% converting at around 9.8%. However, you should still be careful about using pop-ups, and make sure to keep Google’s interstitial ad guidelines in mind to avoid penalties.
  • Use Embedded Signup Forms: Embedded signup forms are one of the most traditional strategies for capturing email subscribers. Static embedded forms need to be put in visible areas on high traffic pages, such as footers, headers, splash pages, and sidebars. For example, a high traffic blog post placed on a signup form is a great idea for an easy email capture. Embedded signup forms are non-intrusive, and gently remind visitors that they have the choice to sign up.
  • Invite-To-Sign-Up Notifications: One successful mailing list growth strategy is through emplooying different notifications. Depending on the kind of notification, they can be featured as overlays ono landing pages, be placed in sliders on page headers, and be statically embedded into product pages.
  • Content upgrades: Also referred to as a lead magnet, a content upgradeis a gated piece of content businesses can give their website visitors for their email address. In eCommerce, for example, this can be everything from a members-only sale to exclusive access to gated written content like blog posts, guides, etc.
  • Put in opt-in fields at checkout: The majority of online shoppers nowadays expect checkouts to ask for personal information. Most people feel more secure if they get an order confirmation via email or text, as they feel more assured knowing the business can contact them and update them om the order progress. Shoppers who are already familiar with entering their information in a secure checkout environment will be less hesitant about giving a business their email address.
  • Loyalty and referral programs: Strategized referral and customer loyalty programs help grow your email list. By offering rewards, you can reach out to brand new subscribers as well as encourage existing subscribers to upgrade, establishing more lifetime value.

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