What Digital Marketing Can Do to Level the Playing Field for Small Businesses

Since people have been trading in markets, they’ve been promoting their goods or services (thus the term, “marketing”). Historical marketing channels like radio, print, and television have been – and remain- important, but the advent of digital marketing has changed the game in many ways for businesses of all sizes. Regardless of size or budget, marketers today have access to a global audience, which has allowed businesses of all sizes to build their brands with a little knowledge and creativity. Experienced marketers can optimize their strategies and target specific audiences through channels like social media, email, and other internet platforms. As marketing continues to evolve and digital marketing becomes more and more important, it becomes ever-more crucial for small businesses to understand the ways they can leverage digital marketing in order to stay competitive.

How Small Businesses Can Leverage Social Media 

In the Mad Men era, a marketing campaign of any scale (national, global, or even just on a multi-city state level) was something that only fairly large companies were able to think about undertaking. However, those days are long gone- digital marketing has leveled the playing field by allowing direct access to a growing global audience with a minimal amount of financial investment, so that businesses of all sizes can now launch targeted large-scale marketing campaigns. 

No matter if your goal is to raise brand awareness, foster brand loyalty, attract potential clients and customers, or entice follow-through for the last steps of sale, there are digital marketing strategies for specific channels that will elicit audience engagement. Some high ROI, low-cost targeted digital marketing strategies that your business could utilize include:

  • Using social media actively to directly engage with new and existing users who may be interested in your product or services
  • Using website marketing tools to draw new traffic to your website
  • Creating original relevant content that lends authority to your voice and positions your brand as a trusted source in the field.
  • Launching a PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaign to draw eyes in the most straightforward manner
  • Using the full power of SEO (search engine optimization) to direct organic search engine traffic to your site and connect with more clients and customers. 

Why Digital Marketing Is More Important For Small businesses

Though digital marketing is indispensable for businesses of all sizes, small businesses in particular should leverage this strategy to increase exposure in local markets and compete on a national level. Here are some reasons why:

  • You can reach your specific targeted audience without wasting time or money
  • It’s a lot more affordable than traditional marketing, and offers more bang for your buck. The ROI for SEO, social media marketing, and professional website services is extremely high compared to traditional marketing channels like magazine or billboard campaigns.
  • Instantly measurable results and specific metrics mean that you can adapt and readjust your strategy for optimal efficacy.
  • Digital marketing allows brands to engage consumers at every stage of the sales funnel and effectively convert the leads you capture into sales.

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