Why Your Law Firm Needs LinkedIn

Like any social media platform, LinkedIn can be an amazing marketing tool for lawyers. The success of your law firm on LinkedIn, however, depends on two main things: The target audience for your law firm, and how you approach connecting with that audience. Read on to learn more about how LinkedIn can be a great marketing tool for your law firm and help you establish brand recognition and trust while connecting with future clients.

You Should Use LinkedIn IF:

Here are some ways LinkedIn can benefit your law firm and some considerations to keep in mind if your law firm wants to be on LinkedIn

Your target audience is on LinkedIn

Before investing any significant amount of time building out your LinkedIn strategy, think about if your target audience is already active on this platform. You don’t want to waste precious time on something that the right people won’t even notice. Consider if your audience is on LinkedIn daily, or at least a few times a week. If they are, then you should start building a LinkedIn strategy. If not, then pinpoint which social media platform may be a better fit for your business. For law firms specializing in corporate law or any kind of business law, LinkedIn is always a good idea.

Building relationships with individual audience members

LinkedIn is more individual-focused than company-focused, making it a great way to help you build meaningful connections with other people in your industry, along with prospective job candidates or customers. These LinkedIn members can help you gain a better understanding of your industry, along with creating a far-reaching network, and you can learn more about them in the process.

By building connections with LinkedIn members like this, you’re able to pinpoint who may be a good fit for your company’s team, or who might be a great fit with your legal services. This is a fantastic approach that can assist with identifying specific targets and give your recruiting or sales team a head start accruing clients.

You want to be seen as a thought leader in your industry

You can build your position as a thought leader in the legal field, and in your specific legal industry, through active LinkedIn engagement. Through consistent, quality activity, your followers will start seeing you as the number one person when they need to learn more about your area of expertise. If you’re a maritime lawyer, for example, you will establish a reputation as the number one maritime lawyer in Fort Lauderdale and one that potential clients will think of when they need one. While this tactic doesn’t offer immediate returns from this part of the tactic, it’s well worth the long-term investment.

You’re looking for a new hire

LinkedIn has developed into a robust hiring platform because companies are able to easily and extensively scroll through their applicant’s profiles as the applications start rolling in. LinkedIn makes it easy to keep track of applications and see what your applicants have been up to.

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