Your SEO Strategy For 2024

Time flies by so fast- it’s hard to believe that we’re already 2 months deep into 2024 and the year is already kicking into full gear. That means your SEO strategy should also be up to par for the new year. From evaluating broader business considerations to pinpointing specific technical elements that drive results, here are some ways you should be shaping your SEO strategy for 2024.

SEO Strategy Considerations For 2024

  • Know where your business is headed: Think about where your overall business is trending. Evaluate new products, strategic moves, audiences, markets, and pivots. For example, if you’re a chiropractor, what are some ways the healthcare market is changing? Build the business strategy into the foundations dof your SEO plan in order to align your goals.
  • How your customers find and buy your product or service: How well you know your audience is directly reflected in your search strategy. Map out your customer journey to see the intersections where social and search engines work in conjunction in order to pinpoint exactly what users are looking for, and how they get to your products or services. By doing so, you will not only have a more effective SEO strategy, but also potentially discover untapped markets.
  • Prioritize your content plans: Your future success is directly correlated to having a content plan that is primed to convert users. To be able to do so, work with your digital marketing team to ensure you are using the correct format and serving your clients in the right way to maximize chances of a conversion. Your roadmap needs to clearly delineate at least the next quarter and hopefully align teams and facilitate collaboration for the entire year. 
  • Freshen up your keywords: A successful SEO strategy is contingent on understanding your audience’s search behavior. You can’t just optimize what you think makes sense, you need to understand user intent and make it align. If you fail to do so, the content will not match your target audience’s buying path and needs, and the whole point of SEO is nullified. As we’ve pointed out above, the first step is to understand what your audience is looking for, and then adjusting your keywords to fit what they’re hoping to find. 
  • Know what worked and didn’t work last year: It’s still early in the year, so reviewing the top and worst-performing content from last year can be a great way to understand what content is really hitting with your users, and in what format. Overlay this information with your goals and data, and voila- there’s a solid roadmap to how SEO plays into your customer journey. Work with your digital marketing team to figure out these trends and examine rankings that don’t do well to see where you can improve. 2024 is a new year, it’s time to learn and grow.

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